A Home away from home

A sacred space where you are able to be yourself, undefended and feel safe and held.  We provide a sacred safe container and a loving heart that meets you wherever you are and takes you wherever you need to go.  No two sessions are ever alike! ​ What ever your needs are, we are here to help you find it, connect with it and be it.

"Whether it is in Art, Business or in a Leadership Position, a combined session of creative expression and hands on healing can give you the tools to clear Emotional Blockages, heal Traumas, unleash your God Given Gifts and create the necessary inner and outer environment that will aid in creating an inner balance between mind body and spirit."  

                                                            - Helen F. Allabban

You are never alone

Our center will be open its Doors the first Saturday of Every month to offer free sessions to those who cannot afford it.  We also visit Children hospitals, Orphanages and Elderly home care centers to provide patients, young and old, with the healing they require and fulfill their hearts with happiness, offering Hands on healing, counseling, Group therapy and space clearing clearing and balancing the collective energy field for a more productive, healthy environment that promotes health, wealth and prosperity to the Home, house or your working environment.  

Our Mission

To help you connect to the wisdom of your own body and find its unique way to a healthy mind, Body and soul.

To address the illness and any physical and psychological challenges at it’s core and have a deep unified healing effect….

Our Longing is to continue offering a unique Healing space that provides the link into the World of ‘Hands on Healing’, spreading the awareness of the Gift of Healing in the GCC Region and nourishing the Emotional, Physical, Mental and Spiritual aspect of the human being. Our Healers are qualified Brennan healing science Practitioners® and Certified healers with a BA Degree in Energy Work and Alternative Medicine . 

"Every moment is a new beginning and every soul 

its Eternal Light"   

                                                                                   -Helen Allabban 2008

What Do we Offer?

​At Eternal Light® we offer a unique Healing space that provides the link into the World of ‘Hands on Healing’, counseling and core energetic work.

Our Healer, Helen F. Allabban is a Gifted and intuitive healer and a highly qualified Brennan healing science Practitioners® with more than 9 years of experience and 7 years in research and academic pursuit. Helen has established her own unique way when working with the Human energy field and brings about a unified healing on a cellular level. No two sessions are ever alike!

Her passion is to help you find your gifts and create the life you were born to live.

Joy is your Ultimate destination and we pledge to take you there!

Working with Brennan healing practitioner:

Working with Brennan healing practitioner may facilitate:

  • Faster recovery from surgery and trauma
  • Relief of pain and symptoms associated with many diseases
  • Deep states of relaxation
  • Decreased levels of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Increased creative expression
  • ​A heightened sense of well-being and joy Enhanced self-esteem and sense of personal power in the now