Healing the loss of a loved one...

Author: Helen F. Allabban,

Intuitive Healer, PD coach and Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner®

*A Written Approval was taken from the Parents for the sharing of this case and all other cases published here

Scars don’t have to be that deep…

The death of a loved one affects us all and being a healer I had a chance of exploring the grief within my self and with many of my patience/clients.  What I found is at the moment we are faced with the death of a loved one, we are faced with a huge wave of unbearable pain…like the strings or your own heart are pulled apart and you are left with an empty whole in your heart that nothing people do or say can ever fill that empty space again…on an energetic level and specifically with one client who could not move on:  “How can I be happy when she is dead, it is like I am betraying her and her memory…I can’t seem to move on”.  And he couldn’t!

 My client went into a deep depression for 4 years…unable to move on…unable to forget. 

“…Depression knows no boundaries; it begins with a black seed and eventually turns into a series of setbacks that affect your life keeping you away from reaching your full potential as a healthy, productive and successful human being”. - MF – Jeddah KSA

Being an Intuitive healer and Energy worker, I was fortunate enough to observe the depression on many levels and witness what happens at the time of separation…

What I noticed is that the Invisible Cords we create in a relationship with our friends or at birth with our parents are torn.  Torn because the pain of separation was unbearable and instead of sitting with the pain and allowing it to heal your broken heart wide open, we choose to cut the cords and disconnect.  This creates tremendous pain on both sides.  The precious soul that died cannot move on nor the ones left behind.  On a soul/energetic level this creates a trauma much deeper and more painful than the trauma of separation.  It creates an energetic cut in a soul’s eternal existence more like being placed in a limbo/coma state of being where you are neither alive nor dead. 

Healing the cords have been extremely healing for both as his mother’s soul was finally able to rest in the center of her son’s heart and her son was able to feel his mother again and move on doing what he loves without the feeling of loss, guilt or betrayal.

Scars don’t have to be that deep…and the separation by physical death can sometimes bring two people closer than they ever wore in physical life…they bring your loved ones back where they belong, in the center of your own heart.

“Thank you for brining my mom back into my heart and life I can smell her hair again and her skin” 

MF – Jeddah KSA

8/29/15, 2:09:58 PM

from the upcoming book: Healing the loss of a loved one…by Helen F. Allabban

A Case Study in Parkinson's Disease

Author: Helen F. Allabban, Intuitive Healer, PD coach and Barbara Brennan Healing Science Practitioner®
*A Written Approval was taken from the Parents for the sharing of this case and all other cases published here

(Editor’s note: this case study utilizes the Barbara Brennan Healing Science model of energy healing. Please contact the author for any clarification or feedback. As with all submissions to this website, no medical treatment or medical advice is given to healing clients, only supportive energy work.)

​Parkinson ‘s disease (PD) is a chronic and progressive movement disorder, meaning that symptoms continue and worsen over time. The cause is unknown, and although there is presently no cure, there are treatment options such as medication and surgery to manage its symptoms. Parkinson’s involves the malfunction and death of vital nerve cells in the brain, called neurons.

Parkinson ‘s primarily affects neurons in an area of the brain called the substantia nigra. Some of these dying neurons produce dopamine, a chemical that sends messages to the part of the brain that controls movement and coordination. As PD progresses, the amount of dopamine produced in the brain decreases, leaving a person unable to control movement normally.

​MY client S.L.A. Born August 27, 1941, is a 70 year old client had been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and was showing signs of tremor in her hand.

Family History: Family history: orphaned at a young age even when her mother and father where alive, felt abandoned and then forced in a marriage at the age of 14. In her mid forties, her husband suffered a stroke and was ill with delusional tendencies until his death 17 years after the first stroke.

She has lived with fear all her life yet possessed an attitude of full acceptance to her life and never dropped a smile. She smiled at everyone and everything even in the worst of times. She took the blows and coped. She had many phobias and one in particular was the fear of open spaced.

She was controlled and allowed others to control her.  Her need to be loved made her a slave to her children and her husband.  Despite all that if you see her, there is a sense of inner knowing and happiness regardless of what is going on. She suffered greatly with her daughter that had asthma, phobias, OCD and had to be hospitalized for a while.

The fear was so masked and suppressed that her muscles could not hold it in any longer and so  gave way to the shaking and the involuntary release of suppressed emotions, rage and frustration.

She came to me at first with leg pain and then the hand tremor.  I went into the healing with no demand and no expectations, only with the love I had for her and surrendering to the healing fully and in the deepest contact possible.  In a way, I surrendered to the will of her soul and God and I became a true soldier to their will.

I gave her a chelation, and at times would engage in clearing out what the patient saw as tar, black thick mucus that came out of her second and third chakra area. I then worked on the communicational blockages that were present between the pituitary gland and the thalamus.  At the end of the healing I invited a healing spark from the un-manifest to provide her for what she needs to heal and ended with a reverse chelation and BBHS 7th Level closure technique.

Her symptoms and medical history:

Current Medication:
Pulmicort inhaler
Lipitor 5ml
Preservision for the eyes
Glucosamine for arthritis

She has been instructed by the doctor to continue with:
Senemet CARBIDOPA – LEVODOPA 25 / 250 mg

Her characterology:
She is mainly Schizoid with a Masochistic overlay.

Presenting complaint:
“Stiffness and pain in my muscles at side of leg
“Some amnesia and can’t seem to find stuff.”
“I snore a lot and my mood is good in general but emotions are surfacing…seem to be crying a lot!”
“I feel I am stuck to the ground”

Medical history:

Had a bladder operation 70% improvement.
Had double pneumonia in 1986
Nervous breakdown and depression in 1967
“Had allergies all my life.”

The Healing session in detail:

Started at the right arm (Parkinson’s first symptom) Checked chakras from heart down, a sort of reverse chelation in BBSH terms. Then worked on bringing spirit down to the body and grounding her with a trust and surrender healing response.

I then did the Hara balancing, strengthening and then attaching all chakras to V.P.C. (vertical power current). Worked on cord healing that presented itself, connecting Cords with another female presence, her twin sister.  A sense of inner peace was felt and more surrendering to the present healing wave. Did the spine cleaning and Brain balancing (which was an advice when I channeled for her healing procedure).

After the spine cleaning, I found myself at a level where I saw the electrical vibration of the disease.  I adjusted its frequency just like fine tuning a radio to the right frequency, and then was guided to clear and open right ear and then did a psychic surgery on the pituitary gland and performed a Pituitary Gland transplant. 

I then worked on a establishing a new and healthy connection to the nerve endings of the body. I felt the fullness of my heart immersed in Divine love. My heart was about to burst from unlimited source of love for her. I knew then that I was in a state of Unconditional love and totally in the stillness of being. From that state of being, I then invited a healing creative spark from the un-manifest to heal what needed to be healed and saw a fusion of a Divine code merging with her DNA.

A profound healing of the soul was clearly visible by the client’s immediate reaction. I had no expectation on the outcome and therefor I succeeded in being in a state of total surrender to the will of God and that of her sacred soul throughout the healing. At the end, I did a Core Star Expansion on all levels and finished the healing session with the BBSH 7th level closure technique.


After two healings, and after two weeks she went to her Doctor for a follow up and her Doctor announced her free from Parkinson’s disease.

It has been said that “When healing energy is transmitted into the systems of people suffering from severe imbalances in brain chemistry, the enhanced infusions of cerebral energy stimulate production of vital neurochemicals, such as dopamine, deficiencies of which are associated with Parkinson’s and other cerebral diseases.”

I truly believe that healing energy is at its most potent and can truly create a ‘miraculous healing’ when we are able to have zero expectation and are completely submerged in unconditional love.  A complete act of surrender and faith is then established and this transmission or “download” of this sacred code to our DNA can occur and then all is possible in the hands of God.  It is our fears, expectations, insecurities and the need to take matters into our own hands that prevent such miraculous healings from happening.

Helen F. Allabban 2013