" Somewhere in our lives we seem to have lost this connection to who we truly are and this form of forgetting is the cause of many of our ailments and misery in our lives"

-Helen F. Allabban, 2011

Each soul is Unique and while the Alphabets or in this case the communicational tools of an Artist might be the same, their unique art expressions and how they apply color will be theirs. I believe, a new Art form can emerge that is similar to the already existing ‘spiritual art’ but in a form of energetic releases of the soul’s inner landscape.
A unique kind of drawings that are the true documentation of a soul’s journey back to love, in a most profound ‘Healing through Art’ experience to all. 
A style that is unique to each client and once integrated with the use of sacred geometry, it can create a healing journey with color that is healing to the soul on all level’s of its human existence especially artist whom are struggling in finding their uniqueness in self expression.

"Whenever illness is associated with loss of soul, the arts emerge simultaneously as remedies, soul Medicine"                                                                                                                             - Shaun Mcniff

 As we connect with our inner creative impulses that rise from deep within our core, the Images and shapes within a painting become a doorway into our souls, a dialogue in self-discovery and its colors the healing tool of our suppressed emotions.  Who am I becomes a question that could be easily answered by our own creative resources and the ability to communicate with our inner landscape of our soul. 

This form of self expression, creates awareness about the importance of our souls wellbeing and our current ailments is the lack of contact and attention we give to its longings and need. 'HelensHealingArt® method is a unique healing tool and an important means to help bridge the gap between our bodies and our souls...uniting our souls with the internal source of the divine spark and creating harmony between mind, body and soul and helping us create the lives we were born to live.

Our Clients are able experience this method in individual or group sessions or they can commission paintings that are channeled especially for them.  To know more about the classes and sessions with 'Healing through Art' sessions Please call our Healer Directly or book a session through our contact page.

Healing through Art's Channeled Drawings as part of a Healing Process.