Healing starts with you!

​The first step to achieving true happiness and getting back to optimum health is by taking the first step that is a positive attitude to your own healing journey.  We as humans, are the only ones capable of healing ourselves purely by a positive intention.  Getting the right team behind you, from Doctors to energy workers and family that acts like your support system, will help you achieve your goals dreams and desires in life.  ​If at any moment in life you feel that you are challenged physically, mentally or spiritually then there is a problem that needs your undivided attention.  It is the way your own body tells you to stop and reflect on your life and whether what you are doing is giving you happiness or not.   Energy work Helps you connect with the source of your problem and helps your body heal itself.
"Whenever illness is associated with loss of soul,
the arts emerge simultaneously as remedies, soul Medicine" 
- Shaun Mcniff

Energy healing is an open-minded approach to your wellness and considers all aspects of your life: work, family traditions, cultural, spiritual beliefs, and sexual identity.  All information shared is strictly confidential.

The HelensHealingArt™ Method:

​Each soul is Unique and while the Alphabets or in this case the communicational tools of an Artist might be the same, their unique art expressions and how they apply color will be theirs. I believe, a new Art form can emerge that is similar to the already existing ‘spiritual art’ but in a form of energetic releases of the soul’s inner landscape. A unique kind of drawings that are the true documentation of a soul’s journey back to love, in a most profound ‘healing through Art’ experience to all.  A style that is unique to each client and once integrated with the use of sacred geometry, it can create a healing journey with color that is healing to the soul on all level’s of its human existence especially artist who are struggling in finding their uniqueness in self expression.

This 'healing through Art' modality offers Art as a healing tool along with Energy healing technique and the unique knowledge of the Barbara Brennan healing Science®. 

Healing through Contact
A magical healing journey back to the heart