Helen F. Allabban

Helen's healing journey started 9 years ago when she first felt the gift of healing and her Ability to heal through her kinesthetic, Direct knowing and intuitive way of reading the energy field and aiding one's body in healing itself.

A creative professional who added the unique gift of 'hands on healing' to her professional expertise. 

A certified Barbara Brennan healing science practitioner®, an Artist, a life coach and the owner/creator of  HelensHealingArt™ workshop.

​Her longing is to heal any blocks that might separate her client from living the Healthy life they were meant to live. "Sickness whether at infancy, during our teenage years or adulthood are there for our healing journey. Hands on healing Allows you to discover with the guidance of your healer, the reason for its manifestation in the body or within our psyche,  and enables you to actually heal even the most chronic of illnesses and physical challenges."  

By unlocking their true potential and reconnecting themselves with their inner creative source, Helen's clients are able to effortlessly connect with their true longing, Free themselves from their illnesses and challenges and create the life they were born to live.

A letter To my Fellow travelers:

"Somewhere in our lives we seem to have lost the connection to who we truly are and this form of forgetting is the cause of many ailments and miseries in our lives" 

- Helen F. Allabban, 2011

Dear fellow travelers, I invite you to discover with me the wisdom of your cells and their unmistakable ability to reveal through artistic expression and your body's innate wisdom to heal itself, your true potential and reconnect with your unique Divine core.  Healing is created when you able to reconnect with your inner guidance and your true essence. Surrendering to the body and the healing process, your soul, your essence will speak to you in ways you never thought possible;-) 

By teaching you how you can trust and surrender to your own body, you too can create your unique healing journey and enjoy a magical journey back to Health, Happiness and Success effortlessly.

My goal as an intuitive Energy healer and Artist is to create a supportive environment in which my fellow travelers of all ages can explore their emotional needs and overcome barriers that limit their full potential.  Whether their illness and blockages are pre-verbal or berried deep within their subconscious, "Hands on' Healing and the Unique gifts of Direct Knowing, kinesthetic ability can reach the core of the problem and assist in healing the issue in a non-invasive and effortless yet most effective way possible.

​Whether you are faced with a physical challenge, suffer from an Artistic blockage, dealing with a Business crises or is challenged by a Leadership issue, a combined session of creative expression and hands on healing can give you the tools to clear Emotional Blockages, heal Traumas, unleash your God Given Gifts and create the necessary inner and outer environment that will aid in creating an inner balance between mind body and spirit.

​with love and Gratitude and with the true commitment to your journey, I extend my healing hand...


​Helen F. Allabban 

"I believe each person is capable of greatness and possesses an unlimited source of creativity within him/her to heal Himself Physically and spiritually. I also believe that each one of us is born with 
​a unique gift that he/she has come to share with the world. My job is to help you find it"

- Helen Allabban 2013