Ailment: Healing the loss of a loved one

"Helen is Healing. From the very first time I visited Eternal Light I realized I was in a safe place that spoke to the depths of my soul.

After each session, I feel closer to Allah, I unlock a new level of self awareness, a new door to happiness, and an abundance in possibilities. I also learn to let go of my ego little by little to free myself from all worldly issues and concern that poison my heart.

Wishing she touches more and more lives, as we all need guidance sometimes in our journey within."
AT -  Jeddah, KSA 

August, 2018

Ailment: General self empowering and alignment with true self. 

Gaining Coherency in body, attracting abundance and reaching ones full potential

DQ - Abu Dhabi, UAE

Sep 1, 2018, @ 8:32 PM, 

"Helen is an amazing person and an excellent healer to help you in all aspects of life. I was lucky to have met her in a very difficult period of my life , when i lost my mother and I could not get over it. She helped me to calm myself, accept it and to move on. Thanks to her , I discovered the real meaning and role of love in our lives which is not a dull feeling you feel for someone but amongst that , and it is the most powerful medicine when you need to be healed.

She is a great support to help to discover your inner power and inner peace.

Thank you Helen for always being a real support and a beautiful soul and being there whenever needed."

Ebru Akkaya -Turkey, 

September 3, 2018.

Ailment: Reconnecting with true self-

A soul's  journey, unlocking your true potential

" She embodies all the support, compassion and recognition I could ever ask for.. she is so intuitive and quick to get in tune with me before I even realize. Working with her was the best thing to ever happen to me x

KK - London, 2018

My first session with Mrs Allabban

And I thought I knew "myself", until I had my first healing session with Mrs Allabban.
At the end of this session, I was flabbergasted, surprised and in tears. Mrs Allabban dissected my personality in details and outlined a road map for the next 6 sessions.
I look forward to complete all six sessions  in order to truly know myself.

Thank you Mrs Allabban this unique healing treatment.
Best Regards
Abdelmenem Addas - Jeddah KSA

Wed, Aug 29, 2018, 6:41 PM

Ailment: Difficulty breathing and coming to a state of

peace with self and others.

Ailment: Reconnecting with true self-

A soul's  journey, unlocking your true potential

“Thank you for brining my mom back into my heart and life I can smell her hair again and her skin”

MF – Jeddah, KSA
September 2015 @ 2:09:58 PM

Ailment: Healing the loss of a loved one

“Depression knows no boundaries; it begins with a black seed and eventually turns into a series of setbacks that affect your life keeping you away from reaching your full potential as a healthy, productive and successful human being. To overcome those setbacks, you need to understand the root cause of it. Through my personal journey of ups and downs I have come to an understanding that there are things in this life we cannot see or touch, but we can feel, and in this feeling lay energies that shape this world that we live in and it’s up to us to make the choice of tapping into this endless energy source and use it to our advantage. Coming to this understanding I have come across many experts in something called energy healing.  They were all leading me to one spiritual medium/Healer, Helen Allabban that changed my life after god to the better and made me feel whole again by showing me and guiding me spiritually through her acquired knowledge of energy healing. I owe her after god all my thanks for helping me unlock this limitless source of life that ultimately helped me reach my full potential in doing the things I love in this life.

So if you are an athlete, health professional, or even an accountant, remember that we are all driven by an unseen yet felt energy that needs directing and healing. Thank you Mrs. Helen Allabban for helping me after god through this and I pray that you get as much as you are giving in this lifetime and the after.”

Best regards,

Mansour Khalid Fatani
Riyadh, KSA September 10, 2015

Ailment: Depression

Rima Wehbi

Dubai, September 14, 2015 

Ailment: Seperation Anxiety, Nightmares


​​Ailment: Broken Wrist and general well being

Hi Helen, I Just wanted to tell you that after you did a healing last year for my broken wrist, not only is my wrist better but from September to now I lost 30kg through healthy eating and running. A million thanks to you, I feel reborn again.  

Rajaa Benjalloun

Casablanca, Morocco 2014

"My journey in the professional world erupted suddenly at a young age driven by domestic dispute. After 27 years employment in multinational companies in the capacity of Sales, Marketing, Customer Service and Finance, I came out equipped with a BA in Early childhood Education & Psychology, and MBA in International Business…. as well as raising 2 college graduate young adults from childhood, totally on my own.

My call for enlightenment comes at a peak of my professional life that takes a sudden turn and makes me question my purpose and existence…

like many who have bounced back from severe traumas and anguish, I looked above for a savior and any glimpse of light…. totally ignorant that it was always within and not above ….Inspired by my sister’s Gift of healing I surrenders to what has always been my faith… I willingly and openly underwent a few healing sessions to finally connect and listen to my inner, forgotten and abandoned child, removed with the help of my Sister Helen a 15 year eye vision problem that several doctors could not cure and opens my eyes to the world of healing….."

with love and gratitude,

May F. Ellabban

Beirut, Lebanon


​​Ailment: Peripheral Vision Loss

Translated by “Eternal light” ™ for lack of Spoken or written English by patient

May God rest his Peace upon you

I am a Saudi Lady living in JeddahI met Helen and was telling her my story about my hand and I was being given needle shots of Cortizon and i explained my situation to her. She did a healing session for me and the truth is I benefitted a lot knowing that my condition did not at all recur and I cannot find self but wish her all success and luck in her energy healing. 

Haifa Fakahani 

Jeddah, KSA

Abeer Alsuwaidi

Dubai, U.A.E


Ailment: Negative energy attachments

Ailment: Psychic Emergency​

I am writing this email to share with you how I am feeling after the last healing session I had with you. I am feeling in peace and happiness that I have never experienced before. What my Dad and ex husband did to me feels never existed. I have always asked you how it feels to live in the here and now. I have found it and been living it since our last healing. I can almost touch the energy l am radiating and can feel the impact of this awarness on my life circumstances and the way people are reacting to it. The feeling is amazing and I felt I should share this with you  as away of thanking you for everything you have done for me. Thank you so much for coming to my life at this time. I have learnt so much from you.

Kind regards,

Ghada Fahmi
​Dubai, U.A.E
​June 1, 2014 7:29:18 PM GMT+04:00


​Ailment: Parkinsons

Sent from my iPad Hi love I am trying to remember when you did the healing I was relaxed. My right side is weaker . And that's the hand that shakes or I should say use to shake . You focused on my right side which is weaker. You were working on my leg but I felt a hand on my right side which Is weird then felt or saw something coming from my chest going away something black , going up & away . Couple a weeks later I went to the dr he said it's though the Perkensis stopped & thought I was much improved. You did a great Healing thanks a lot! Keep up the good Healing<3

Thank you!


Sharron Afif Labban

Beirut, Lebanon


Ailment: Peripheral Neuropathy