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“Energy Medicine is the last big frontier in medicine.” Dr. Mehmet Oz – M.D. College of Physicians and Surgeons, Columbia University 
What is 'Hands on' Healing or Energy Medicine from a scientific perspective?
For centuries people have tried to cure the body and have forgotten the soul. The only means of contact and healing was to reach out for religious belief systems and institutions. Like the body needs Blood for its nourishment and is distributed by the veins in our system, the soul is nourished by positive energy that runs through meridians and chakras situated strategically all over our bodies and Auras yet however unseen by the naked eyes.

​Recently, and with the help of major collaborations between gifted healers and scientist as well as doctors, people are finding out the importance of the human energy field and it’s effect on our mental physical and spiritual wellbeing.

"Healing modality works as bringing Source energy (God energy, Love energy, Chi, etc.) in through their crown chakra (top of the head), down through their heart chakra, into their arms (extensions of the heart chakra), out their hands and into the body & energetic field of their client — healing, balancing and cleansing them. While this explanation is certainly valid, it is difficult for people who need a more scientific or logical explanation of how Reiki works to accept this explanation.

To view this from a logical standpoint we need to understand the electromagnetic field, the myofascial system, chakras, and biophotons. Once these are understood separately we can put them together to understand the science behind holistic energy healing.

​Energy Healing /Reiki and hands on healing works when biophotons are brought in from source energy, through the fascia, into the heart and then into the hands of a practitioner or ones’ own hands.When a practitioner and a client have a shared intention or when the self has a clear intention on what is wanted the biophotons travel through the fascia of the client or self, moving into the DNA and communicate with other biophotons within the body to allow healing, clearing, balancing, etc.

In other words the biophotons are directed to restructure the chemical reactions and molecular makeup of the body for health and wellness to occur. All living organisms emit a constant current of biophotons, which are elementary particles of light coming from a biological being. These particles are emitted and direct instantaneous signals to multiple locations at once, from one part of the body to another, and to the outside world. They are stored in the DNA and their function is cellular communication. Physicists actually call these light particles the “communicators” in the body because they use your intention to direct other particles to rearrange into either a healthy or non healthy pattern.

In biology every cell in your body has over 100,000 biochemical reactions per second, all of which must be carefully timed and sequenced with each other. Research has provided evidence that this cellular dance is not random, but rather controlled by these biophotons. To further explain, science is showing us that biophotons are in control of virtually every biochemical reaction that occurs in your body through our thoughts, emotions, and intention, including supporting your body’s ability to heal, releasing old patterns or forming new supportive ones. The Myofascial System, which makes up 60% of your body, consists of fascial tissue (fascia). In the photo to the left you can see that fascial tissue is actually made up of tiny microtubules of callogen, similar to fiber optics, which are hollow and fluid-filled and carry information about proprioception as well as carrying your consciousness throughout your body.

​A direct intention manifests itself as an electric and magnetic energy producing an ordered change of photons. Our intentions operate as highly coherent frequencies capable of changing the molecular structure of matter. In short, it is the biophotons that allow for our patterns to form and break, allow our emotions to hold a negative charge or balance into a positive experience, and allow our body to be in a state of health or dis-ease."
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Quantum energy is the basis of everything that exists. Matter, of which our physical bodies are a part, is energy that is shaped by consciousness.

When the energy-that-is-us falls out of balance, that imbalance eventually manifests on the physical level as illness. Restore the energetic harmony, though, and the physical illness disappears. Hope this helps as each case is looked upon from the physical, mental and spiritual perspective.

With my warmest regards,
Helen F. Allabban

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What is 'Hands on' Healing?

​Wellness and health is maintained through an optimal flow and balance of the human energy field.

​One’s energy field is affected by both internal and external factors.
Eventually, dis-ease can result due to imbalance and unhealthy flow. This holistic system of healing is a gentle yet powerful method of clearing, charging and balancing the energy field. Energy Healing can help to restore health to one’s physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies.